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I just want to say that our experience with Josephine was absolutely amazing! She was so accommodating, professional but yet still relaxed and casual and funny. We felt so welcomed and comforted with our privacy, she had some snacks for us and my all time favorite drink

MIMOSAS!!! It was so wonderful. 

Her hair and make up artist was also great! Very quick, efficient, and soft handed and was sure to ask permission for the products she

used which I appreciated.  When it came to posing and having our photos taken, Josephine was so great at visualizing what she (and we) wanted and directing us. And also very patient with us she would even SHOW me how she wanted me to pose, fixed my outfits, made it a point to camouflage or hide the parts of my body I am self conscious about without me even realizing it at the time! She made us laugh and we felt so comfortable with her, like we had known her for years.  My husband actually enjoyed himself too and said he would do it again if I wanted him to and said he really liked standing on the sideline watching me for my solo shots. 

I have so many more things to say butI will leave you with this… When JoJo tells you to stretch before, girl, you better stretch. You don’t use the same muscles posing for intimate photos that you use during intimate moments and that’s all

I’m gonna say say about that. STRETCH. 

And… that was honestly the best form of foreplay! We were intimate without being “intimate” both physically but also somewhat mentally because our love and desire for each other was exposed to the camera and it was very vulnerable but in a very healthy and safe way that made us feel a deeper connection to each other. Antonio actually mentioned it first because I thought he would say I was crazy if I had said it, but nope, he felt the same way! So again… BEST FORM OF FOREPLAY! Because woo… you get the idea. 

My experience with JoJo and Lost Boy Photo can only be described as amazing.  JoJo and I have taken a variety of photos in the past from graduation photos, to adult cake smash, to beach photos and she's never disappointed me. I continue to fly to Ohio from Georgia whenever I have the itch for new photos because I love her work that much. When I found out she was offering the opportunity to take part in a boudoir photoshoot, I was nervous to say the least. I have gone through a huge weightloss so I was really uncomfortable in my new body, but I wanted to celebrate my new change. JoJo made sure my experience was amazing. There was snacks, champagne, and a wonderful sense of warmth and acceptance as soon as you walked in. My session was shared with other amazing women who hyped you up and it made me feel confident and sexy! JoJo never left you without instruction, so there was never an awkward moment of not knowing what to do. Overall, my experience was super positive, and I definitely plan on going wherever she is to continue working with her.

You can tell when someone genuinely loves what they do, and has a natural gift, and that’s JoJo. What started off as a fun surprise for my husband's birthday turned into a new found appreciation for my body. My boudoir shoot was a step out of my comfort zone, and even more so when I found out I was pregnant a couple weeks before my shoot. JoJo welcomed with me with open arms, hyped me up like we’d known each other for years, and opened my mind to this wonderful world of boudoir. The day of my shoot, I walked in feeling nervous. That seemed to melt away the minute I got to the studio. JoJo gave simple instruction on how to pose, and even when I felt a little funny, it’s like she knew that and showed me the photo to reassure me of how great I looked. Then, once I received my photos I was taken aback. I couldn’t believe that was me! I feel so beautiful, so powerful, and JoJo is to thank for that. I’ll definitely be back to take more photos with her!! 💜

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